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    First of all I'm a beginner in all this.

    I need a little help with liverepeater / LoadBalancer (i think ) and understanding how to use the Startup package for setting up this.
    I want to do a live stream and i do not know how many views I will have, so i intend to use a liverepeater / LoadBalancer for this (i don't know what is best)
    I read the forums but i didnt understand some things.
    What i want to do:

    Live encoder -> AWS EC2 Wowza server -> 2/3 "backups" ->RTMP ADDRESS for client. What I mean is when the first server reach the limit for streaming the next one take the load and so on

    so my question is how can i have one rtmp address from 2 or 3 backups? I have to use another server for doing this?
    Can I use just :8086/streammanage or i have to use Startup package?

    I read about Startup package and i guess its the best use for easy setup quickly AWSEC2 servers. I don't have the instance running all the time, so i have to set up every time i do a live stream. Can you give me a step by step guide?
    I guess i was clear explaining my needs.

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    First of all if you have a load-balancer your servers will have equal amounts of clients at all times, you can't fill one server and then move onto the next.

    The Origin and Edge set-up is here if you need to take a look,

    The load-balancing guide it here,

    and another add-on to the load-balancing functionality is here,


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