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Thread: Streaming to different devices through one player

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    Default Streaming to different devices through one player

    I am working to get an adaptive bitrate live stream from Wowza to show up in different devices through JW Player, and I have some questions regarding that. In JW Player I have specified a playlist with different bitrates for flash mode. That works fine in the Win/OSX browsers I have tried. But I also want it compatible with Android and iOS. I know JW Player supports HTML5 fallback, and this may help for iOS devices. I guess I could just follow this tutorial to create a myStream.smil file under [install-dir]/content and insert a text string like this http://[wowza-address]:1935/live/smi.../playlist.m3u8 in the html5 mode section of JW Player. Is that right, or how do you recommend to do it?

    For Android devices I have heard it's recommended to use rtsp. So is it also possible to integrate a rtsp address to make the same player also compatible with Android devices? I have read that JW Player don't support rtsp, so how can I make this work then? Do I need another player for that?

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    It seems like you're on the right track with JWPlayer. Check their support resources for more info.

    For Android, you could detect the Android browser in your website application and provide an RTSP link, which the user will open in their RTSP player. But, note that RTSP does not support multi-bitrate. So, if you wanted multibitrate it would be done in RTMP or Flash HTTP on the Android browser... for example, in JWPlayer.

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    I think we're trying to do something similar. Do you want to team up to figure this out? Read my post and let me know how your research is coming along...


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    Hi triple,
    Sorry for late reply, but I have been very busy on some other projects the last weeks. I am really ready to figure this out. I recently testet multi-bitrate streaming to iPhone and iPad, and that worked fine. So it's more or less streaming to android I have left figuring out. I will also start testing the new version of the wordpress plugin, and see how much is working out of the box. I mainly aim to get this working for live streaming, but I guess it would be much similar for your vod needs too. I will be ready to share my findings when I get some more research done, and are also interested if you have managed to come up with something.


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