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Thread: Streams from IP cameras

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    Default Streams from IP cameras

    I'm new to wowza ...
    I have managed to make Live streaming and run into a problem with a audio not beeing right format ...
    I know i have an option to use
    1) wowza transcode
    2) VLC to transcode audio
    3) other options

    none of this are aceptable for me at this time ...
    i need to strip off audio from ip camera stream ...
    My camera doesnt have option to disable audio in it .. it can just mute it ,, but the track will still be streaming and flash player will crash any way ...

    Please help me ...
    os their a module to strip a audio from stream ?


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    If you are running 3.0.5 or great you can add the following property to the MediaCaster/Properties in conf/[application]/Application.xml:


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    We have the opposite challenge. An IP camera that does not support audio input at all.

    Currently we generate a separate live audio stream from a PC+FME and have two Flash players embbeded on our web pages, one for video and one for audio. This all works fine via Wowza but is clumsy, prevents easy video+audio recording on the server and provides no audio on iOS (only one stream playable at one time).

    Any recommendations for how we might merge the video and audio so it can be presented to the user from Wowza as a single stream to a single Flash player (and non-Flash on iOS) ?


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