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Thread: Recording in 2 hour chunks

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    Default Recording in 2 hour chunks

    Hey all,

    We have a bunch of cameras that are on 24x7 and I would like to record them in 2 hour chunks. After say 48 hours I would like the old media to fall off and no longer be available as to prevent the hard drive from filling up.

    Is this something that is possible?



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    You can use the Live Stream Record module and configure to overwrite an existing file and specify other parameters.

    If you want to record a live stream while users simultaneously play, pause, resume and rewind, you can use Wowza nDVR configured for ArchiveStrategy "delete" and a WindowDuration set to "7200" (value is set in seconds). Take a look at the nDVR tutorial.


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    The only problem with that module is that we will have to send commands to the system every 2 hours for each stream. So if we want to record in 2 hour chunks and keep it for 48 hours, every 2 hours I'll need to send 100 stop commands for 100 feeds, 100 start commands for 100 feeds and then go through and clean up the old files that are 2 days old... Unless I can find a way to number them in such a way that Wowza can overwrite them.

    I can probably do file cleanup using a 3rd party app. If there was a way to tell Wowza to only record for 2 hours, or maybe just chunk the video at 2GB or something like that, then we would be set. Any automatic way to make that work?

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    Nothing automatic like that, no. Sorry.

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