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Thread: Repeating HTTP stream?

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    Default Repeating HTTP stream?

    Hello. I have some trouble with using wowza server right now.

    At this moment, our company has one equipment which sends mpeg-ts streaming(I believe but I may wrong) to only one client.

    I can use the url to connect from iphone or vlc.

    But since this equipment only works with one client, I want to connect this with wowza server and broadcast to multiple clients.

    I was able to connect to device by using such url:

    When I checked codec with VLC, it is H264/AAC.

    I dont think I can setup the device to stream to wowza server. So my best luck is that I setup wowza server to fetch that address and restream.

    I searched most of articles and tutorials and failed to find such example for me.

    Thank you very much.

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    It may be possible, but you won't be able to do it with the http URLs.
    Would you provide more information on equipment you mentioned?
    Perhaps there are other transports that the equipment can provide a stream on?


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    Quote Originally Posted by daren_j View Post
    It may be possible, but you won't be able to do it with the http URLs.
    Would you provide more information on equipment you mentioned?
    Perhaps there are other transports that the equipment can provide a stream on?

    Thank you for your reply Daren.

    I hope that I have more detailed ways to setup the device, however, I would like to describe the support of this device from the company is "shit"

    However, I was able to manage login to the device and pulled main applications help.

    All values are in hex (unless otherwise specified with *)
    An extra param to rdreg & rdi2c will convert them to wrreg & wri2c
    rdreg <regaddr> (read one word from register)
    rdregb <regaddr> (read one byte from register)
    rdregm <regaddr> <# of bytes> (read multiple registers)
    wrreg <regaddr> <value> (write one word to register)
    wrregb <regaddr> <value> (write one byte to register)
    rdmem <addr> size> (read from memory)
    wrmem <addr> <wordcnt> <w1> <w2> ... (write to memory; 20 words max)
    rdmemf <outfilename> <addr> <size> (read from memory to file)
    wrmemf <infilename> <addr> (write to memory from file)
    rdi2c <devaddr> <regaddr>
    wri2c <devaddr> <regaddr> <value> (write i2c)
    stream <infilename> <portaddr*> <optional:eth0/..> (UDP multicast streaming)
    streamu <infilename> <optional:eth0/..> (TCP/IP streaming)
    streamr <infilename> <portaddr*> (looping UDP multicast streaming)
    streamru <infilename> (looping TCP/IP streaming)
    encodev4 <outfilename> <portnum*> <optional:eth0/..> (encode and UDP multicast)
    (if both parameters are 0, then encoded stream will be ignored)
    encodev4u <outfilename> <ip addr> <port num> (encode and UDP unicast)
    encodev4tcp <outfilename> <portnum*> <optional:eth0/..> (encode and TCP/IP unicast)
    sap <portnum*> (announce SAP information for UDP multicating)
    hrdreg <regaddr> (read host reg (fx2))
    hwrreg <regaddr> <val> (write host reg (fx2))
    listen <portnum*> <optinal_outfilename> <optional:eth0/..> (receive UDP multicast stream)
    listenu <IPaddr> <optinal_outfilename> <optional:eth0/..> (receive TCP/IP unicast stream)
    swap <infilename> <outfilename> (change endianess)
    cpu (print cpu usage info)
    getver (prints the version number)
    decodev4 <filename> <portnum*> <optional:eth0/..> (decode from file or
    decode from UDP multicast & optionally save to filename
    decodev4u <filename> <portnum*> <optional:eth0/..> (decode from file or
    decode from TCP/IP unicast stream & optionally save to file
    fwload load/reload video & audio firmware (valid in slave mode)
    power <d0/d1/d3> set power state to on/low/off
    vidinselect <svideo/composite/yuvin> video input selection
    fwapi <apicmd> <p1> <p2> <p3> send ql201 firmware api command
    supply only necessary parameters
    yuvin <yuv_infile> <pcm_infile>
    yuvout <yuv_outfile> <pcm_outfile>
    tvtune <Freq in kHz in decimal> - set tuner freq
    i2c <wrcnt> <val1> ... <rdcnt> - Geeneric I2C access
    i2c <wrcnt> <val1> ... <rdcnt> - Geeneric I2C access
    gpiodir <bitnum> <optional_dir> - Set/Get GPIO dir (1-out,0-in)
    gpioval <bitnum> <optional_val> - Read/Write GPIO val
    GPIO direction must be already set!
    fpga <enable> <deinterlace_mode> - Set deinterlacer mode
    Works only on some hardware. To get the mode type ./testapp3 fpga
    VOOSD <cmd> <value> -Set VO_OSD command( set_format, set_res, enable_osd, enable_vo...
    VOOSDCtrl <cmd> <value> -Set OSD control command
    VOOSDImage <cmd> <value> -Set OSD BMP/Font
    encodev4_ex <outfilename> <port num> (multicast,group
    encodev4u_ex <outfilename> <ip addr> <port num> (udp unicast)
    encodev4tcp_ex <outfilename> <ip addr> <port num> (tcp unicast)
    decodev4_ex <filename>
    decodev4tcp_ex <filename> <port num> (decode from TCP & optionally save to filename)
    decodev4u_ex <filename> <port num> (decode from UDP & optionally save to filename)
    set <parm_name> <param_val> ... (type ./testapp3 set for more help)
    get <parm_name> (type ./testapp3 get for more help)
    mdstat <interval> - display motion detection info/stats
    mdstat_vi - VI-only motion detection
    encodejpg <base_name> <interval> - encodes frames to jpeg files each interval
    osd -date -logo -string <string1> -string <string2> ... - activates
    OSD and sets current date and logo if parameters present and adds
    as many as 5 strings
    indexparse <idx_file_name> - parse MP4 index data
    indexparses <idx_file_name> - parse MP4 index data after byte swap

    Hopefully, theres way to connect with wowza with any of command over there.

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    You want to either stream to a rtsp or udp address that you can re-stream (pull) from in Wowza, or publish (push) a RTMP or RTP stream to Wowza . Depending on which of those you can accomplish, follow the appropriate tutorial from this list:


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    I followed this tutorial to push MPEG-TS/RTP/UDP stream to wowza server.

    However, there is a problem with iPhone.

    When I see the stream with rtsp(VLC) or rtmp(JWPlayer), I dont see any problem so far.

    But, when I see the stream with iPhone, there is a bit of delay at the beginning.
    The delay of stream is about 30second slow.
    However, after while, the delay gets increased and at the end of day, I was watching 1hour delayed stream (WOW!!!)

    Is this natural? or am I missing something?


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    Take a look at this article:

    The main factors are key frame frequency and cupertinoChunkDurationTarget. The default is 10 seconds (10000 milliseconds), and a good key frame frequency is 2 seconds (a factor of 10, as noted in the article). You might have 1 second key frame frequency and 1 second cupertinoChunkDurationTarget for faster startup.


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    Hi daren_j

    You say here that you can't live repeat from HTTP URLs. It that right?

    I just upgraded to the Akamai HD network and now have Flash delivered over HTTP instead of RTMP.


    Is it not possible to live repeat that stream with Wowza to HLS (m3u8)?

    Please advise.


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    What type of stream is it? Wowza cannot re-stream San Jose or Cupertino HTTP. See the specs page for a list of Compatible Live Encoding that Wowza can injest:

    Do you know what type of stream/encoding the Akamai link is?

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    Hi Randall

    It is a Flash stream over HTTP. I was using the regular Akamai server which used RTMP. But now that I've upgraded to Akamai HD the stream is delivered over HTTP.

    Akamai example:

    Akamai HD example: rtmp://


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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, Flash HTTP is San Jose which is not supported for ingest.

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