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Thread: How to implement live conference recording on Wowza server ?

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    Default How to implement live conference recording on Wowza server ?

    We have developed a live conference system with Wowza.

    Some student need to record live session including audio,video and wihite board. We do windowss client conference system before and implement recording funtion in linux server, not in window client software.

    If we save video, audio stream and command stream on server and replay all of them , we can implement recording and replay function on linux server .

    Now we use Wowza server, we can design a agent sofware to join all of the live conference. The agent will receive all video,all audio and all command. Now we don't know the design principle of Wowza. Doest any one has done the samething before? I really need some thoughts for how to start this project.

    Is there any way to imitate a flash containner? Maybe it's the most easiest way.

    We can develope a java program. Immitate a flash container behavior to join all live conference. save everyting it received and replay it like a flash.

    I'm really a newbie on flash and FMS progam. Need help!

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    There is no built-in way to sync playback of streams recorded from a multi-user chat. It's a very involved project, one that comes through here regularly and for which there are no easy answers. You might start by injecting timecodes in all the streams so there is something to sync to later. Take a look at this example:

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