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    I need help about Wowza Memory issues

    * The server running the same operating environment
    * 1 App, 1 Stream running
    * sometimes java used cpu 100% full and memory 100% full
    * Memory utilization of each server is different

    Wowza operating environment

    OS-win2003 standard Edition sp2 32bit
    CPU-Dual Core AMD Opteron *2ea
    Wowza version-2.2.4

    Operating server free memory Utilization

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    You might have to tune the server down. 2gig of RAM is not much for Wowza. Lower the heap size, try -Xmx800M

    A late model dual quad, and 64bit OS & 64bit JDK, and 4 - 8g of RAM, are recommended


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    I have a problem with memory that wowza uses. My server has 16G Ram, and i have installed java 1.7, window server 2008. I see that my wowza process (java process) got a lot of memory, and it didi't release memory for my OS when it didn't use. So that for about 2days, my server out of memory and it auto restart. Please help me to fix it

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    What is the tuning? Restart Wowza then copy in the startup lines.


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