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Thread: Transcoded streams doesn't start automatically with rtp-live stream-type

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    Question Transcoded streams doesn't start automatically with rtp-live stream-type


    it seems that transcoded streams doesn't starts automatically(rtp-live) on rtmp/rtsp requests, I explain my case :

    I have 2 Wowza Media Server on 2 differents computer.
    One is our main application which is dedicated to the management/videoStreaming and one other is dedicated to Transcoding.
    When an old phone (like iphone 3GS) call our main Wowza Server,we call the other Wowza Server (the Trancoder) via rtmp or rtsp and we ask for a .stream file which is created by the main WowzaServer.
    So it is the Transcoder Media Server which will stream and transcode the stream to the main Wowza Server, look at this scheme for more understanding :

    Iphone 3GS -------HTTP cupertino-------> Main Wowza Media Server ------rtmp--------> Transcoder WowzaMediaServer

    So our problem is that when we ask a fileName.stream_160p on the Transcoder WowzaMediaServer, the stream doesn't start automically, (for information the stream-type of the application running on Transcoder WowzaMediaServer is rtp-live).
    I tested to ask and, in this case, the stream starts automatically .
    Why transcoded streams doesn't seems to be concerned of "rtp-live" auto start capability ?


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    Change the /conf/[app-name]/Application.xml /StreamType to "live", then use StreamManger to start the stream:

    The Wowza Transcoder will start transcoding when the stream is started in StreamManager.


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