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Thread: MediaCache questions for a custom AMI

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    Default MediaCache questions for a custom AMI


    We use Wowza on EC2 to provide the capability to record videos and view live streams. The videos are stored in S3. We currently use Flowplayer to view the videos and have observed that the entire video must download before it starts, ie. progressive download doesn't seem to work. I assume this is because the moov atom is written at the end of the file by Wowza. My solution to this is to stream the videos through Wowza, which is probably better in the long run anyway.

    These are my assumptions:
    - Since we are building our own EBS-backed instance, we can't use the Wowza AMIs that come with the vods3 addon.
    - Once I am granted access to MediaCache, I can configure it to work like vods3 using the included MediaCache documentation.
    - With MediaCache I can make the videos private in S3 to restrict access and add the AWS credentials to the MediaCache configuration file.

    Can you confirm that I'm on the right track.


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    Yes, correct on all 3 assumptions. And correct as to why long videos recorded in Wowza are not great for progressive download: moov atom at the end. There are tools that will fix that, if you search around.


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