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    I just want to make sure I didn't miss any information or resource about this.
    From what I read, Wowza can only consume
    - AAC
    - MP3
    - MPEG-1 Part1 1/ 2
    - Speex
    - G.711 (a-law and mu-law)

    - AAC

    Is this correct? Can Wowza output any other audio codec?

    Also, can someone clarify what this statement means:
    "The non-H.264 video and non-AAC/MP3 audio codecs listed are supported for transcoding only, but are not available for direct playback."

    Thank you.

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    I can only restate: That is the list of codecs that are supported by Wowza Transcoder. Wowza will decode audio tracks with these codecs and transocde to AAC for output. For more info on the Wowza Transocder including this list and the like video codec for decode list

    These are the general Wowza specifications:


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