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Thread: Connecting to Wowza Ec2 instance from my website on EC2

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    Question Connecting to Wowza Ec2 instance from my website on EC2

    I am complete newbie to Wowza but have experience dealing with Ec2 Instances and S3. MY setup is such that i have a website which stores files on S3. I will be retrieving the media files from S3 and then i need to send it to Wowza Ec2 instance and give the client a link or HTML5 video tag. Now my problem is, how do i connect and send files to Wowza instance. How do i receive any particular url or information back from Wowza? I am using Tomcat and java programming language. I have no idea about PHP or other languages. I've read the documentation for Ec2 instances but it covers getting S3 files directly. How do i program to connect to Wowza instance and give it a file and then ask it to stream it? Any help is appreciated. It seems there is a lot of configuration before a instance is ready for streaming. Is it not possible to simply spin an instance connect to it through tomcat appserver, give a file and ask to stream it? Thanks in advance...

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    Follow this tutorial:

    To test playback, try the Wowza example SimpleVideoStreaming

    For a more production ready player for your website, take a look at JW Player or Flowplayer:


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