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Thread: stream live HLS to iOS

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    Default stream live HLS to iOS


    I need to use my wowza server to re-package a live stream generated by FMLE to stream it to EdgeCast.

    a newbie's question: I have set up wowza server on EC2. the guide refers me to install pre built configuration packages to set up live stream. one of these packages is titled "".
    I can't find where on my EC2 console do I edit the advanced instance options, and apply the configuration.

    is this a necessary step to stream live HLS to iOS?

    Thanks, Eitan

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    You are referring to an EC2 startup package. You can use these when you start an EC2 Wowza pre-built AMI

    If you did not do that, and want to configure the instance of Wowza that is already running, just configure it yourself as you would normally anyway. The startup packages only work with EC2 instances, and are not required in that case.

    Take a look at this guide to configure a live application that will work with live stream from FMLE:

    And take a look at the Push Publish addon for pushing a live stream from Wowza to a CDN such as Edgecast:


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