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Thread: sending messages over rtp

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    Default sending messages over rtp

    I have a custom wowza module which accepts an rtsp stream from an iphone.
    I'm looking for a way to communicate messages with it over this stream.
    How can I acheive this?

    I'm assuming this has to do with the RTPSession object but I can't find it.
    On a related note, can RTCP receiver reports be used to communicate data between the rtsp client and wowza?
    you mention in the release notes of 3.0.4 that Added support for RTCP Receiver Reports - where can I find more info on this?


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    Data over RTSP is not supported. In any case, also take a look at IMediaCasterNotify2


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    What about the RTCP reports.
    Where can I find info on that?

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    You can find information on RTCP in RFC-3550.

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