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Thread: Noob question - Do I have to use an encoder?

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    Default Noob question - Do I have to use an encoder?

    I've never done any live streaming projects before and I don't know much about how all the pieces communicate so take it easy on me if this is an obvious question.

    Here's what I've got:
    2 AXIS P1346-E IP cameras
    Windows 2008 Server R2
    Wowza server

    The cameras are hooked directly into an AT&T router at my boss's ranch on a stacked T1 line; 3MB up and down. I can access the cameras from the 2008 Server hosted offsite. Do I have to use an encoder or can I just use Wowza and set up 2 "live" folders and 2 *.stream files and let Wowza "chunk" the streams to Apache which serves them to the public? (Did I say that right?)
    We expect/hope for thousands of people viewing these streams. We're capturing at 1920x1080p HD and streaming at 640x360 to the server.

    I want to keep this as simple as possible.

    Thanks for any help / suggestions.


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    The guide for this is here:

    You don't need one app for each .stream file, but it's not a problem. You can have one application and many .stream files.

    No, Apache is not involved. Just follow the configuration and playback steps for the client types you want to support in the above guide,


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    OK, you say Apache is not involved. So Wowza is the internet server as well? I've read and followed that support guide probably a dozen times and I don't completely "get it". It does expect the reader to know a few things that I obviously don't.

    See I told you I was a newbie.


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    I think I'm almost there.

    When I load my html page that is using the JWPlayer to display the live video I get this error:
    Server not found: rtmpt://localhost:80/WolfCam2

    Which seems weird because my file contains this
    (x's substituted for the actual IP address which I can't share right now)

    Where is it getting port 80 from? I don't know what is throwing the rtmpt (where does the last "t" come from?) error.



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    Test with Wowza example first:


    Try rtmp and port 1935

    Server: rtmp://[wowza-address]:1935/WolfCam2

    For JW Player, take a look at this guide:


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    I've got my live streaming working in the livevideostreaming live.html example page. And it's working in my own html page using the JW Player. The live.html example works locally on the server and from my home PC (meaning over the public internet), which is great. But my html page using the JW Player only works when I'm physically on the server. If I'm on my local PC and enter the URL to the server: http://<serverIP>/WolfCam1.htm, I only get the text from the web page. The JW Player doesn't even show up.

    I know you don't do support for the JW Player but would you have any ideas as to why this is happening?

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    Sounds like a path issue. Check the path to the JW player .swf.

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    Thank you Randall. That was it. I'm up and running...finally!!


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    Except it doesn't work in Chrome. Shoot! Now what?


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