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Thread: Access logs for each application

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    Default Access logs for each application

    There is a way to Wowza create access log for each application ? Like this

    applications | log name
    live1 | wowzamediaserver_access_live1.log
    live2 | wowzamediaserver_access_live2.log

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    Uncomment the Application logging section of the /conf/ file. Be sure to make a copy first, then remove all the # at the beginning of the lines in that section. Then restart Wowza.


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    You were recently interested in separation of logs per applications according to

    I can recommend our web-based statistics and control solution - WMSPanel,
    It's a Wowza control panel that allows seeing statistics per applications and servers usgin user groups concept. Check out our website for more info.

    Best regards,
    Yury Udovichenko,
    WMSPanel product manager

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    If you have a product to advertise you should place it in the showcase section.


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    Hi Jason,

    Thank you, will do.


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