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Thread: are SSD drives better for VOD ?

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    Default are SSD drives better for VOD ?


    i think all is in the title: i'm going to setup a vod server, and i'm wondering if i should choose ssd disks...what is your feeling about this ?

    thank you


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    SSDs are fast and expensive. RAID can improve performance. Whatever you do, remember to back up.

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    I use SSD drives in my laptops. It's like "going from dialup to broadband", one review I read said. Very fast. I like them. I did have one fail on me though; total loss.


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    We use SSDs but we expect them to fail so we have copies on mechanical RAID'ed storage. The SSDs offer good performance but we only bank on them lasting 8-12 months as we have a high write rate to our SSDs

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