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Thread: How to configure thread pool?

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    Default How to configure thread pool?

    We developed a video conference system.

    On server side we implement some method like "onAppStart" and "onConnet"

    The programmer didn't add any object lock so it's totally not thread-safe. But we have to roll out the first version soon.

    Can we just use one thread for all application instance? How to configure it? (we didn't handle any shareobject on the server side)

    I have read the thread performance tuning post. But I'm not sure what kind of configuration I can use because our serverside program is not thread safe.

    "HostPort/ProcessorCount: 2x[total-core-count] (maximum of 24) Note: The HostPort/ProcessorCount field in the Admin HostPort (/Port "8086") should not be modified.
    IdleWorkers/WorkerCount: 2x[total-core-count] (maximum of 24)

    NetConnections/ProcessorCount: 2x[total-core-count] (maximum of 24)

    RTP/DatagramConfiguration/UnicastIncoming/ProcessorCount: [total-core-count] (maximum of 12)
    RTP/DatagramConfiguration/UnicastOutgoing/ProcessorCount: 2x[total-core-count] (maximum of 24)

    RTP/DatagramConfiguration/MulticastIncoming/ProcessorCount: [total-core-count] (maximum of 12)
    RTP/DatagramConfiguration/MulticastOutgoing/ProcessorCount: [total-core-count] (maximum of 12)

    HandlerThreadPool/PoolSize: (300x[total-core-count])/5 (maximum of 480)
    TransportThreadPool/PoolSize: (200x[total-core-count])/5 "

    Thanks a lot!
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    This is built-in at most levels in Wowza. Should not be a problem


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    thanks a lot!

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