Hello, everybody
could you help me with correct Original & Edge Configuration for
Sanjose Dynamic Streaming?

Wowza version : 3.0.5 build1220
OS: Linux Debian 6.0 x64
Java: Oracle 1.6.0_26-b03
Publisher: Wirecast 4.1.2 (Audio: AAC, stereo, 22 kHz, 64 kbps, Video: h.264 Baseline, 25 fps, key frame every 50 frames, Timecode - disable) - 4 streams with different
picture size (800x450@30fps 2Mbps, 640x360@30 800kbps, 544x306@25 400 Kbps, 272x153@25fps 200 kbps).

Player URL:

Sample Url :

If i publish to origianl server 4 strems from Wirecast by RTMP, and try see like client from edge by Sanjose after 1-30 min playing abort. I start to recive media segment from server with size 300-400 байт, and video in player stopt and dont start never ((((( When i see by RTMP all work
very well.
If i try to see each stream directly, all work without problem.

PS This publisher and player, work, with Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5.1 work very well.