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Thread: Live Streaming using Transcoder

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    Default Live Streaming using Transcoder


    I have a mobile application project right now and thinking of using wowza server 3 with a transcoder addon, currently i've installed a trial server and assessing the server capabilities. I found out that the server without the addon can do live streaming but is unable to do mp3 live streaming. My question is by using the addon transcoder, will the server be able to this kind of live streaming?


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    Hi rrperez,

    FYI, Wowza can stream MP3. See one of the tutorials:

    The Transcoder will transcode from MP3 to AAC. It doesn't convert to MP3. So, if you're just trying to re-stream MP3 you can do this with the base Wowza install.

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    Hi randall,

    Thanks for the quick reply, so as for transcoding audio from any type to mp3, wowza's transcoder doesn't support this?

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    Yes, correct. There is list of supported Video and Audio codecs that the Wowza will decode and encode to are in this article:


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