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Thread: Transcoding processing power requirement

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    Default Transcoding processing power requirement

    We have 1000 IP Camera which is either MPEG2 or MPEG4 in RTSP format. We want to transcode them to H.264.

    The resolution is 640x480 @ 400bit rate incoming.

    Please advise how much processing power we require in a single server configuration.


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    Take a look at the server configurations and Wowza Transcoder benchmark testing results here:


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    Hello Richard,
    This benchmark is irrelevant to my question, as a limited number of streams are transcoded in this.

    We have 1000 streams of 640x480 @ 100bit rate (MPEG2) which would trancoded to H.264


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    What is the bitrate and framerate that you will be recording at, as you've said 100bit and also 400bit - did you mean to type bits per second, which would be 0.4 kilobit/s? This would only make sense if they were extremely low framerate, and you would be best served by actually testing out the situation on an EC2 instance, throwing several of these streams at a development copy of Wowza and seeing what the server usage is, and from there, scaling up as required.

    If you meant 400Kbit, you are quite simply not going to be able to do that with one server. Your processing requirements are therefore in the realm of requiring a large cluster computing farm and you should be getting expert advice on that - or more likely you need to check if your requirements need redefining. If you're batching up streams to transcode at a time at regular intervals or you're not going to be transcoding all of them at once, you will be able to make use of the benchmark data to gain a rough estimate of how many streams you can do at once with a given amount of power. Transcoding is not a cheap operation and you need to ensure that you make life easier for yourself by checking if a more adaptive scheme would fit your needs.
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