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Thread: Upgrading Wowza 2 to Wowza 3 on Windows - familiar with Linux but not Windows

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    Default Upgrading Wowza 2 to Wowza 3 on Windows - familiar with Linux but not Windows

    These questions have to do with Windows (Server 2003) administration, not with Wowza directly. I've upgraded a customer's Wowza 2 to Wowza 3 and got the basic live streaming working. I've done this a few times on Linux, but I have very little recent Windows experience so the last couple bits are stumping me. Pointers would be welcome.

    1) When I look at the Services entries, the Wowza service is referring to the old Wowza 2 binaries. I can't seem to modify the binary path in the Admin Tools/Service panel. I've looked up online how to create a new Windows service, but so far when I follow the cookbook approach (sc create "Wowza3" binPath="C:\Program Files (x86)\Wowza Media Systems\WowzaMediaServer 3.0.5\bin\WowzaMediaService.conf") all I get back is a usage message. So question number 1 is, how do I create a Windows Service for the newly upgraded Wowza 3? I had kind of been hoping that the install process would do that for me.

    With a little luck I'll not have to do any more Wowza installs on Windows. I live Wowza, but WIndows... every time I have to use it I get reminded anew why I dropped Windows in favor of Linux so many years ago.

    ps: I removed my second question, which had to do with killing off IIS. I forgot that I could send HLS requests to port 1935 instead of port 80.
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    Hi dmahoney,

    The service should have been updated when you upgraded to WMS3. Which installer did you use to upgrade? With the minor upgrades, such as 3.0.4 to 3.0.5, there is no executable. The new files are simply copied into the old directory, which might still have the old version number.

    You can change a Windows service "Path to executable" by running regedit and editing:
    Path to Image

    You can turn off the IIS service by running services.msc.
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