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Thread: Delivering IP camera Stream to another Media Sever

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    Default Delivering IP camera Stream to another Media Sever

    Hello for all,

    I'm running Wowza Server 3, and create an application that re-stream my IP camera trough a rtmp url. All things are working ok, no problem. Now I have been requested by my client to send these stream to another stream server ( I don't know wixh model /type). I only have these informations:

    IP Encoder Primário / Ping Proxy:
    IP Encoder Reserva / Ping Proxy:
    EntryPoint Primário: rtmp://
    EntryPoint Reserva: rtmp://

    Format: Flash
    Streamname: Templo_Salomao_Live@42541 (Dynamic/MBR)
    username: user
    passwd (opcional): passwd

    I don't know where I can config these informations, Please anyone Help me.


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    Take a look at the Push Publishing Addon module. You can request it from here.


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