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    I've just started 'playing around' with WMS IDE (i'm not new to Wowza, though), and i have a couple of simple questions:
    1. I've noticed that the standalone IDE lets you run WMS. When i code something in the event methods, those changes are applied immediatelly (and automatically) to the current instance of Wowza?
    2. If the answer to the last question is afirmative: i'm trying to log something through the getLogger().info() method inside the onConnect() function, and i can't see anything happening in the logs. What could be the problem?.

    Thanks in advance!,

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    There is a guide that comes with the IDE that you should read thoroughly.

    But nothing is changed automatically in Wowza when you create something in the IDE. You are creating extensions, for example Application Modules that you can then utilize in an Application.xml by adding Module that references the Class you created in the jar file (lib/projectName.jar). Or you create HTTPProviders that are loaded in a VHost.xml /HostPort /HTTPProviders list. Or you create ServerListeners that are referenced in the Server.xml /ServerListeners list.


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