1) Wirecast send stream to origin1 ( X.X.X.X )

2) origin1 now playing stream rtmp://X.X.X.X/tv1

3) edge1 repeat rtmp://X.X.X.X/tv1 as end use play the stream using

a) rtmp://Y.Y.Y.Y/tv1
b) http://Y.Y.Y.Y/tv1/playlist.m3u8
c) rtsp://Y.Y.Y.Y/tv1

The problem is I'm confused on ServerStreams.XML on EDGE1 and also ORIGIN1

This is my example on EDGE1

                <!-- Add a StartupStream entry for each stream that is to be started at virtual host startup -->
                <!--   valid MediaCasterTypes are: rtp, rtp-record, shoutcast, shoutcast-record, liverepeater -->

                <!-- Here are several examples -->

                <!-- RTSP/RTP example (RTSP URL is rtsp:// -->
Is it correct to use this address : rtsp://X.X.X.X:1935/live/tv1 ?
Please help