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Thread: StartupStreamx.XML confusion

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    Default StartupStreamx.XML confusion

    1) Wirecast send stream to origin1 ( X.X.X.X )

    2) origin1 now playing stream rtmp://X.X.X.X/tv1

    3) edge1 repeat rtmp://X.X.X.X/tv1 as end use play the stream using

    a) rtmp://Y.Y.Y.Y/tv1
    b) http://Y.Y.Y.Y/tv1/playlist.m3u8
    c) rtsp://Y.Y.Y.Y/tv1

    The problem is I'm confused on ServerStreams.XML on EDGE1 and also ORIGIN1

    This is my example on EDGE1
                    <!-- Add a StartupStream entry for each stream that is to be started at virtual host startup -->
                    <!--   valid MediaCasterTypes are: rtp, rtp-record, shoutcast, shoutcast-record, liverepeater -->
                    <!-- Here are several examples -->
                    <!-- RTSP/RTP example (RTSP URL is rtsp:// -->
    Is it correct to use this address : rtsp://X.X.X.X:1935/live/tv1 ?
    Please help

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    No need to use StartupStreams.xml. Just use

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    I just want pre start all the stream

    My Origin and Edge is already using LiveRepeater technology

    Say I want rtsp://Y.Y.Y.Y/live/tv1 is already established on Y.Y.Y.Y server

    On current setup, user need to request /live/tv1 on Y.Y.Y.Y and Y.Y.Y.Y will request stream from X.X.X.X and that will introduce latency.

    Please advise

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    You can pre-start on the edge with StartUpStreams.xml using MediaCaster type "liverepeater". You will need to use .stream files to reference the origin stream.

    File: edge server /content/
    Contents: rtmp://[wowza-address]:1935/liveorigin/myStream

    Then use stream name in StartUpStreams.xml, and use that stream name to playback.

    Server: rtmp://[wowza-address]:1935/liveedge

    But do not do use MediaCaster system to start this kind of stream on the origin, because Wirecast is pushing an RTMP stream to Wowza. The MediaCaster system is for pulling streams like IP cameras or mpeg-ts encoders, or, as in this case, origin servers.

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    thanks for the guidance

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