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    Question A little help...


    I'm a Wowza newbie, and not its biggest fan (yet..) and looking at a little help to get me started :-) I have honestly looked at and followed the documentation and can only really get Wowza to give me blank manifests and generate errors in the console. So Im going to start again with your help!

    I want to pull an RTMP stream in from an FMS and produce Smooth Streaming output for a CDN to ingest over HTTP. With 1 Wowza instance. Simples.

    SDI => Encoder => FMS <= Wowza <= CDN

    For reasons of red tape and beurocracy I cant the FMS out of the loop (yet)

    OK so far....

    Ive got Wowza to Ingest my RTMP stream! using StartupStreams.xml


    but this is all I can really get working, so I have a few questions.

    Should I create a new application or modify the default one?
    and should I need a new one, what name should I call it ? Is it relevant to the Ingest stream name at all ? Would an arbitary name like "channel1" do ?
    What "type" of Application do I need to do this ? Ive tried liverepeater-origin?
    I assume I need smoothstreamingpacketizer as LiveStreamPacketizer
    Do I set the <Repeater><OriginURL> at all ?
    What else am I missing ?
    Based on the RTMP stream name (above) and application name "channel1", what is the manifest URL ? Is it "http://<IPAddress>:1935/channel1/livestream/Manifest"

    and more advanced.. (when I get the basics working)

    How do I get N RTMP channels at various bitrates to form the various ABR bitrate levels of the Smooth Stream ? Do I modify something in the default directory ? in the /conf/channel1/Application.xml ? or in another XML I need to copy ? I might need t owork harder at teh document, but a pointer would be good.

    I dont need the URL to the QuicKstart guide or the documentation thanks Just a nudge in the right direction. Im quite familiar with Encoders, CDN, FMS, IIS Media Services etc.. just not with Wowza.

    Many Thanks


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    You should create a new application and yes you can call it what ever you want, lets use your idea of channel1.
    (in the start-up streams you have this repeating to an application called "inlet" and this will need changing to channel1 for this example)

    You create a directory in [Wowza-install]/applications called channel1 which should give you a path of,

    Then create a directory in [Wowza-install]/conf called channel1 which should give you a path of,

    Copy Application.xml from [Wowza-install]/conf into [Wowza-install]/conf/channel1.

    Edit in [Wowza-install]/conf/channel1/Application.xml/ so that you get a live stream type like this,

    and yes add smooth to the live stream packetizers like this,

    A better way to do it would be like this,

    Change this:

    to this:


    Now create a file called "" and put it in the [Wowza-install]/content/ directory. (this is the default content directory)

    inside should be the url of the stream (rtmp://

    This configuration will do what you want,
    let me know if you have any problems.


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    Brilliant! thats got me started, I can see what was wrong now and I'm starting to understand!

    Thanks ever so much


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    OK, So Im looking at multi-bitrate smooth streaming, getting the manifest with

    I have my 3 streams each working through Wowza, I have a smil file (below)

    <video src="" system-bitrate="3400000"/>
    <video src="" system-bitrate="1500000"/>
    <video src="" system-bitrate="600000"/>

    But my Smooth Streaming player only sees 1 bitrate, at about 7Mbits, which is odd, and only seems to run at this bitrate.

    Ive turned this on (below) but it hasnt helped,

    though I do see the bitrates in the Quality levels

    <StreamIndex Type="video" Chunks="0" Timescale="10000000" QualityLevels="1" MaxWidth="1280" MaxHeight="720" DisplayWidth="1280" DisplayHeight="720" Url="QualityLevels({bitrate})/Fragments(video={start time})/WowzaSessions(925139784).ismv">
    <QualityLevel Index="0" Bitrate="3400000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="1280" MaxHeight="720" CodecPrivateData="00000001674d401f965602802dd80a04000003000400000300cb8880019f0800019f087f18e0ed0912 9c0000000168ea5352"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="1" Bitrate="1500000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="1280" MaxHeight="720" CodecPrivateData="00000001674d401f965602802dd80a04000003000400000300cb888002dc60000b7187f18e0ed0a149 c00000000168ea5352"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="2" Bitrate="600000" FourCC="H264" MaxWidth="640" MaxHeight="360" CodecPrivateData="00000001674d401f965605017fcb80a040000003004000000cb88800493c000493c7f18e0ed09129c0 0000000168ea5352"/>

    Also in the Manifest file, I can see QualityLevels="1" which I also didnt expect, and I dont see that in my IIS Media Services sourced Manifest, it looksa bit different really. Is this a bug in Wowza 2.2.4 ? (Im waiting for my Wowza 3 license key), or is there some SMIL I have missed ? or a configuration option I may have missed ?

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated

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    To add ive found the example player in the wowza example directory and that is behaving OK, so I guess the Microsoft Sample player I am using doesnt like some of the Manifest XML.

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