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Thread: Steaming delay in RTMP using Wowza 3 on EC2

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    Unhappy Steaming delay in RTMP using Wowza 3 on EC2

    I'm using Wowza to restream content from an IP camera (setup using guide I've set up Wowza's instance ami-9d5069e9 using aki-64695810 on EC2 devpay account.
    When I connect some player to this instance using RTMP, like JWPlayer or FlowPlayer, it's takes around 40 seconds before video starts. This can be seen on my test webpage
    The server public DNS is:
    Stream name is: killruddery.steam
    Now this lag is really something making the solution impractical. I need some way to remove this.
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    Take a look at this guide:

    You may just have to increase the FPS setting.


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