- I've one origin and 2 edges
- Origin is using transcoder to create multiple bitrates versions of stream
- 1 edge delivering for web on a flash client / ios clients
- Second edge is using 720p version for set-top box via rtsp://

I've 2 problems and not finding solution :

1) On the web / ios the audio / video are syncrho and no trouble
But on rtsp stream for the set-top box the audio come before the video - so a little out of syncrho -
The origin is same for both edges

i've seen once some information to add in some properties for but not finding it again now :s

2) I've started mediacaster liverepeater type and it pushed nicely for web - the client display immediatly
But no success doing same thing for the rtsp version of the stream
it takes almost 10 seconds to play the stream
( on set-top box and vlc tests )

Please help