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Thread: Support for IP-Multicast on RTMPE live streams?

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    Default Support for IP-Multicast on RTMPE live streams?

    is this possible to send normal Sorenson Spark stream from Flash client app to Wowza, on Wowza publish it with using IP-Multicast?
    Or to change incoming stream to UDP and then play it on another flash client?

    I'm asking because we discovered that sometimes audio / video hangs when TCP packet retransmission occurs (this hanging takes 2-3 sec, we check this on WireShark so we are sure that hanging is connected with packet retransmission). Is this possible to avoid this retransmissions?


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    You can't publish from Flash over UDP. You can publish from Flash 11 with h.264 video and Speex audio, and using the Wowza Transcoder transcode to h.264/AAC, then use the multi-cast addon to push a multicast stream, but I don't think that's what you really want to do, for one thing you will be limited to your LAN (assuming it supports multi-cast) and VLC or Quicktime clients.


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