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Thread: relay (repeater) rtmp video/audio to rtmp audio only output (strip video)

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    Default relay (repeater) rtmp video/audio to rtmp audio only output (strip video)

    I need to relay an RTMP video/audio stream (for example H264/AAC or H264/MP3) , striping video away, to produce an audio only output (AAC or MP3).


    RTMP video/audio -> RTMP audio only

    How can this be accomplished?

    Thank you!

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    I found this pre-existing thread:

    Charlie advises using Flash action script / custom player solution. I am hoping for a server-side solution as we need this work work with all pre-existing Flash / HTML5 players.

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    You could do it with the Wowza Transcoder by disabling the video in an Encode configuration.

    Or, maybe with Liverepeater where the origin application that included a module that implemented IMediaStreamActionNotify3.onPlay() and did this:
    This example shows how to setup IMediaStreamActionNotify3:

    Liverepeater guide:

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    For RTMP requests, placing stream.setReceiveVideo(false); in onStreamCreate (in onPlay video plays for a couple seconds before stopping) works. However Cupertino streams still show video. I tried placing


    in onHTTPSessionCreate to no avail.

    Any ideas on how to get this working for Cupertino and San Jose?

    Lastly, can the H264 meta data be removed from the stream as well?


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    I don't think there is a way to do that for other than Flash RTMP clients, except the Transcoder option will work.

    I don't think there is way to remove metadata, but you might try injecting empty metadata:


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