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Thread: Cupertino / SanJose segmenter questions (behavior clarification for caching)

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    Default Cupertino / SanJose segmenter questions (behavior clarification for caching)

    For example:

    We are caching playlist.m3u8 and the resulting media_X.ts files

    If our cache is missing a media_X.ts file, it will call our Wowza origin and get it (i.e. /appname/file.mp4/media_ts?wowzasessionid=1 )


    - if no request was made to the Wowza origin within 90 seconds, the application context is unloaded
    - Wowza will not serve media_X.ts requests unless the application context is loaded (any RTMP, or playlist.m3u8 request will load the application context, but not a media_X.ts request).

    two questions:

    1) It seems strange that requests for segmented files don't automatically load the application context. Can this be resolved via configuration or module?
    2) Wowza allows us to request a segmented file with ANY wowzasessionid. Is there any unforseen issues we are missing here? Is it ok that the wowzasessionids are any integer? Are there any logging implications side-effects we may be missing (I thought clientid, but it isn't used for HTTP anyway) ?

    Thank you!

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    You can change the Application.xml /ApplicationTimeout to a higher value, or make it "0" so the application never times out.

    Yes, what you are doing will have logging implications. HLS caching is not supported at present. It may be in a future version of Wowza, but I have no time frame for that.


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    What comes to mind in terms of implications? For eample, it seems clientid is not used for HLS requests anyway. Not sure what we need to watch out for here.

    Thank you

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    For HTTP streaming a sessionId is used to group sessions in the log.


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