We've introduced a new service called Camcloud. It's a home and small business video monitoring service that integrates a variety of technologies to make video monitoring of your property simple and cost-effective. Wowza Media Server 3 is an important component to make sure we have a service that's robust, secure and will scale as we grow our user base.

Main features of the service:
- Enables what we call "webcam home monitoring" that turns any "dumb" webcam into a smart video system with webcam motion detection, email alerts, and live streaming.
- The service also integrates with the Axis family of IP cameras, so you can mix and match webcams with IP cameras all through one system.
- Now that the base platform is built, we plan on adding support for more IP cameras, as well as a more complete set of mobile capabilities.

Special thanks to the Wowza team, and Richard in particular, for the excellent support!

We have free and paid plans, so try out our internet video monitoring service and let us know what you think.