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Thread: onRTPSessionCreate no called

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    Default onRTPSessionCreate no called


    I tried to implement an authentification mechanisim for flash,rtsp and http (iphone) streams. It works very well for the flash version, but the rtsp handeler is not being called. Do I need to implement a specific listener?

    PHP Code:
    public class DbAuthModule extends ModuleBase {

    //gets called by flash on connect
    public void onConnect(IClient clientRequestFunction function,
    AMFDataList params) {
    // gets called on stream start
    public void play(IClient clientRequestFunction function, AMFDataList params)

    // is never called
    public void onRTPSessionCreate(RTPSession rtpSession)

    I also tried
    class ClassRTPSession implements IModuleOnRTPSession
    //RTP (Quicktime - streaming)
    public void onRTPSessionCreate(RTPSession rtpSession){..

    But is is not working. Might there be a problem with the ModuleRTMPAuthenticate ?


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    Try starting with this example:

    Then try rtsp playback with VLC.


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    My code is less than this example. I think the example is wrong. I had to add implements IModuleOnRTPSession, IModuleOnHTTPSession to the main class definition
    public class DbAuthModule extends ModuleBase implements IModuleOnRTPSession, IModuleOnHTTPSession (...
    This was also missing in the example from which i started by the way.

    can anyone confirm that this is correct? I need to be sure, since i need this for authentification.

    Thanks a lot!
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