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    Default Domain On Video Server

    I am developing a site where users stream videos from android to wowza and then access in a web interface. Nothing too new there. I just do not know enough about serving videos to answer this basic question.

    It get the feeling it would solve some problems for me if my domain were housed on the same server as wowza. I would have direct file access to the saved videos. Plus I think it would help with thumbnail creation.

    I had gone into this thinking that the video server would house videos only and all http access would be elsewhere. Is that right or wrong. Basically my question is this.

    Can I house my domain on the same server as wowza? Is that recommended?

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    You can create a DNS record with your Wowza IP. If that is what you mean. It is a good idea, makes moving to another server much easier, for one thing.


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