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    I am using wowza for LIVE streaming from few months, but some of my users who are using VPN are facing problems, they cannot watch the stream, they get this error : "error : 201 : unable to load stream or clip file,connection failed,clip:[clip]'mystream'".
    Please check others are able to watch stream but some of the VPN users are unable to view stream.
    this is the LIVE URL :

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    Hello krishnapal,

    The stream is playing fine for me without using a VPN.

    Try to provide steps to reproduce the problem. If they cannot start the stream is is likely a firewall issue. For RTMP ensure port 1935 is open on each firewall. A quick test is to browse to http://[Wowza-Server-IP]:1935.

    You should see the Wowza version if port 1935 is accessible.

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    Yeah it plays well without VPN, but some of the users who are using VPN are not able to view stream at all and this is not a port issue as same user can watch which also works on wowza on port 1935. please suggest a solution.

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    It sounds like a matter for the administrator of the VPN to investigate. Somewhat more difficult to troubleshoot here.

    Some thoughts:

    1. What manufacturer/type of VPN?
    2. When you say some of the users cannot watch the stream. Do you mean not at all? If so, this is likely a firewall issue. When they can't watch the stream have them point their browser to http://[your-wowza-ip]:1935. If they cannot see the version info then there is a firewall issue to resolve.
    3. If they can see the version info it is possible their network has stateful/deep packet inspection and is blocking RTMP.. maybe? RTPMT is the solution for that.
    4. What error messages do you see on the server when they cannot connect?
    5. What is the state of the VPN network/congestion when the problem occurs?
    6. Provide tcpdump output of both server and client when the problem occurs. (but this is quite beyond the scope of the forums)
    7. etc...

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