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Thread: "Stand-by" message when live stream unavailable?

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    Default "Stand-by" message when live stream unavailable?

    Server: WMS 3.0.5, Client: JW Player 5.9 (Flash and HTML5)

    I'm looking for a means to display a stand-by message to users when the live stream is not (live), typically minutes before and after a scheduled webcast. Any recommendations appreciated.


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    You would need to write a custom module, but an example of live to VOD switching , client stays connected and watching, can be found here

    or potentially

    which allows you to schedule when a show is and switch to that stream. If you read the posts on the article above it should outline how to do it.

    It can also be done in other ways.

    You may need the Wowza IDE , which can be found at the developer section

    to customise to your environment/requirements.

    I appreciate coding is not for everyone so if you do need further help you can get a list of consultants by emailing


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