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Thread: Android audio connection not working

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    Default Android audio connection not working


    Just checking my android (samsung sii phone) and its not playing. I get a message :"unable to play video" eventhough it is an audio stream.

    I'm streaming using through a SAM-based encoder aacplusv2 to a shoutcast server then restreamed through wowza v2.

    The URL is: rtsp://[wowzaaddress]:1935/stream_low/

    It has been a whilel since I've been in here so I have to go and find other details through previous posts e.g. can't find the application details for; if you can help where I can find this that would be a help.

    What steps should I take?

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    For Shoutcast ->. Wowza see the Shoutcast Tutorial:

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    Many Android device will only stream over UDP, so you have to make sure all UDP (0-65535) are open between your Wowza server and the Android client, i.e. in your firewall

    Also be sure you have started in StreamManager or using StartUpStreams.xml


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