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Thread: osmf utcTime how CuePoint

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    Default osmf utcTime how CuePoint

    I use osmf 1.61 player for playing playlist,it's work fine.
    mediaElement = factory.createMediaElement(new URLResource("http://....../vid123/manifest.f4m?DVR"));			
    player = new MediaPlayer(); = mediaElement;	
    I need add utcTime from manifest.txt how CuePoint in osmf.
    Help me please)....

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    I am not sure the answer. I would look at the OSFM examples that come with the 2.0 source for ideas. I don't have experience with it, but they have a project called CuePointSample which may be what you're looking for. On the Wowza side, we do not insert anything special into the stream nor have API controls for this. What we do have with regard to UTC time is described in the Query Recording Duration API article.


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