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Thread: Streaming to Wowza through VSS parallel streamer(different PC).Unable to play HLS URL

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    Default Streaming to Wowza through VSS parallel streamer(different PC).Unable to play HLS URL


    I'm streaming a content from VSS Parallel streamer to Wowza as "live". I'm able to play with the rtsp URL.

    But I'm not able to play the HLS(Multi Bitrate) content for the same.
    VSS and Wowza are running on different machines.

    I am able to play the HLS URL when the VSS and Wowza are on same machine.

    I'm getting errors, when I play these URLs

    1) When I Play with the URL in Simple Smooth Streaming on Wowza, http://[Wowza-IP]:1935/live/smil:test.smil/Manifest, I get the following error,
    "Streaming Error: Caught exception trying to parse main manifest: At least one media stream is needed, none are declared in the manifest".

    2) http://[Wowza-IP]:1935/live/vsofts.sdp/playlist.m3u8 on Safari or HLS supported STB. Wowza logs shows the following error, "/usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/content/vsofts.sdp (No such file or directory)"

    Please suggest, if I need to add anything when I have VSS and Wowza on different machines.


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    There shouldn't be anything special.
    Seems like the streams are not created / not available for Smooth streaming and HLS.
    Make sure the StreamType in conf/live/Application.xml is set to live.
    I that's all ok, then please send zipped [install-dir]conf/ and logs folders to and reference this thread.


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