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Thread: network break and onDisconnect problem

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    Default network break and onDisconnect problem

    I connect Adobe FMLE to my wowza appliaction and publish some stream. Then i close network, where encoder is and no effect on wowza, no onDisconnect event after 90sec and after 30min.. no any traces in console..
    I thought that onDisconnect fires after 90 sec timeout, when the network breaks.
    How can i handle client disconnect by network break on wowza?

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    Look for UnPublish event.


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    event of IMediaStreamActionNotify2 ? It not fires too.

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    Not only FMLE.
    Wowza application can't capture connection breaks from flash client if network breaks.
    What i do wrong?..

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    Some code is required to keep alive an encoder.
    This will be a custom module, you can write this code yourself or have it written for you.

    If you require this code to be written for you a list of independent consultants can be requested from Wowza
    Send the request to


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    Usually Wowza will detect the connection broken, you can implement some code in the server side to handle it.
    We found some client browser problem will make Wowza server fail to detect connection broken. We developed a conference system. In some situation we still can hear the voice in the meeting even we closed the conference page. It seems the browser is still receving the audio stream.

    So you have to develope a customized heart-beaten detect function. There's no way to always depend on the Wowza server.

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    Thanks Jason, and thanks jiwan!

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