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Thread: Can WOWZA be used as a standalone Server like Godaddy?

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    Default Can WOWZA be used as a standalone Server like Godaddy?

    I was wondering if WOWZA Media Server 3 can be used to host web pages like Godaddy does? I am using the 30 day trial and would like to switch over to WOWZA Media Server 3 if it can be used as a hosting server.

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    Hi mattewssch,

    Probably you would want to use Wowza in conjunction with another webserver like Apache and maybe even an SQL server like MySql and host them all on GoDaddy.

    Incidentally, Wowza can serve webpages, but the implementation is a bit simpler than a dedicated webserver.

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    so it would be possible to use WOWZA as a standalone server? Also would it cause any problems using two servers WOWZA and Godaddy together?

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    A hardware server (a computer) such as those offered by a hosting provider such as GoDaddy can have as many software servers on it as you want. Godaddy provides hardware with software servers installed on it. Wowza is just a piece of software, i.e. a software "server".

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    ok I understand now so I should not switch servers but add WOWZA to my Godady. Will I still need to add an Apache also or will WOWZA and Godady be enough? Thank you for your help on this matter

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    You'll want Apache + Wowza. Note that these software servers typically need to be installed on a dedicated hardware server, or a "Virtual Server", as opposed to the $4.99 "website hosting" packages that GoDaddy offers. I'm pretty sure GoDaddy offers dedicated servers.

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