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Thread: RTSP redirect broken on Android 4.0.2 / Stagefright 1.1

  1. Default RTSP redirect broken on Android 4.0.2 / Stagefright 1.1

    Not sure if there's anything that can be done about this on the Wowza side, but...

    It appears that RTSP redirection is broken in Android 4.0.2 . When using RTPSession.setRedirectCode, setRedirectSessionURL, setRedirectSession, the native video player in Android 4.0.2 doesn't actually redirect. It makes another DESCRIBE request of the initial host with the value of the session url provided in the redirect response from the initial host.

    The same holds true when handling the redirect in the onDescribe method of IRTSPActionNotify

    Any input would be great, although my hopes are not high on this one.

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    If anyone else is experiencing this problem, please add your comment to

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    I have forwarded this info. It might be a couple of weeks or more, or less, I can't really estimate.


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    I am not suprised. Everything we have heard is that RTSP redirection is not well supported.


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    Yeah. Unfortunate really... up until Android 4.0, all of our RTSP targets were playing nicely with REDIRECT.

    Seems that using an HTTP redirect to an RTSP resource works... just adds a bit more complexity to the workflow (and makes using direct RTSP links impossible).

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