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Thread: Cupetino disconnect-What is the problem?

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    Question Cupetino disconnect-What is the problem?

    The main problem is not in the following application:

    1) H264SpeexPublish/bin-release/H264SpeexPublish.html(It works nicely)
    2)/LiveVideoStreaming/clientOSMF/bin-release/LiveOSMFPlayer.html(when I click play "Does not show anything" and the console show "INFO stream create codworld_ios")

    The main problem occurs when this link ( opened on the iPhone, which occurs as follows:

    1)This link is opened on the iPhone.

    2)IPhone is running live streaming (Note:after clicking play in the H264SpeexPublish/bin-release/H264SpeexPublish.html), but it stops suddenly the live stream and then come back working again.

    3)During a sudden stop, the disconnect occurs on the wowza console and then come back working again.

    I want to live stream on the iPhone works without any interruption

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    (this is duplicate)

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    what is the problem in my case?

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    I answered your same post here:

    No need to duplicate posts


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