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Thread: Support on restreaming a restream.

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    Default Support on restreaming a restream.

    We have a design question and are looking for guidance on where to head. We have an Internal Wowza 3 server that is currently restreaming a live IP Camera; works great!

    Yet in a new configuration we would like to make this public to the Internet. The stream originates from an Axis camera at a remote office with a T1 connection. We would like to push that to the Internet, in what we are calling a pivot point where the stream could be embedded in a webpage and viewed by the masses. Then, we would like to catch that stream from the pivot point with our Internal Wowza server so that Internal users can watch without opening multiple streams to the Internet.

    We are looking for idea's - one of which being Wowza on EC2 as out pivot point or some other provider like a UStream or LiveStream. So then we'd stream AXIS -> EC2 Wowza ->Internal Wowza -> Internal Users AND AXIS -> EC2 Wowza ->Internet Users

    Feel free to call me what ever names if this is unintelligble and ask questions to help me better describe what I'm after. Or tell me the pivot point should be internal, or there shouldn't be a pivot point at all, instead two streams (one to the internal wowza and one to an external one)...considerations are obvious bandwidth constraints at the remote site. We do care about quality of picture internally and externally and we have a good budget to accomplish this.


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    Someone in our sales team will give you a call in response to this post and ticket #26456.


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