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Thread: How to install Wowza Media Server

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    Default How to install Wowza Media Server

    Hi can someone tell me how to install wowza media server please ?

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    Very simple. See the installer download page:

    To play your first stream see the VOD tutorial:

    Also read the Quick Start Guide for an overview and the User Guide both found here:

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    Also there is a video tutorial for you here,


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    I've followed the quick start guide; I'm reinstalling on another server so I have some experience but I still get confused! It looks too simple.

    Anyway, a couple of questions:

    1. Can you direct me to the test software you use, to check connections?

    2. I loaded the following San Jose stream type: (obviously changing to my addresses)

    I got this within my browser:

    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
    <manifest xmlns="">
    <media streamId="1" bootstrapInfoId="bootstrap0" bitrate="122" url="media_b125000_w2002544210.abst/"></media>

    Does this suggest that I'm almost there?

    Running Windows 2008 r2. I currently have IIS installed. Will this interfere with some of the streams, particularly port 80? If so, can you point in the direction to remedy this (disable IIS?)

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    You can check current (real-time) connections with these HTTPProviders:

    Or afterward using logs

    You need a player to playback streams. The manifest links to the audio and video chunks that the player uses. There is no style info involved. For sanjosestreaming, take a look at Flash Media Playback player


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