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    Default Videochat Example Multiple Webcam

    I plan to have 2 webcams. I also plan to use the Videochat example which came with the download package for live streaming as the encoder since it's performance is better than AFMLE.

    From the videochat.fla file actions I think this is where the webcam gets controlled:

    function startCamera()
    // get the default Flash camera and microphone
    camera = Camera.getCamera();

    I can open the 2 pages of the same /client/videochat.html and each page setting a different url (eg. testing1 and testing2) to distinguish the two. However, how do I tell it which webcam to use since I will have 2 webcams connected to the PC? Do I have to insert some kind of code to the actionscript for the flash file or?

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    This is a Flash Actionscript question. You will need to know a bit of Actionscript programming. So, you should check in the Actionscript docs or on an Actionscript developer forum. But, I think what you do is check Camera.names for multiple cameras.

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