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Thread: General Questions - livestreaming, user accounts, java programming

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    Default General Questions - livestreaming, user accounts, java programming

    Right my company is considering purchasing wowza server, but before we proceed, i will need to figure some basic things out, so if you guys can help me greatly appreciated, i don't need specific answers, just general for now.

    We are looking into having video chat rooms, so live streaming, also need to keep track of user accounts.

    First - I assume live streaming is basics, out of the box functionality (i already saw articles on it, just making sure)

    2. out team consists of java programmers, we will be making a web application around the server, I would like to know what the community is using as to java web frameworks, like struts, spring, new play framework (our team is using the old struts), i just want to make sure if we run into problems, we have the community to rely on. Are there any opensource modules that already do the integration?

    3. (this will show i myself don't have a good java background) What is the standard for security, keeping track of users, allowing users to connect with other users, are there standards that wowza relies on.

    4. if we have a life stream, can we have it outputted into different formats simultaneously, like flash, ipad, vod....

    For now i just need basic answers, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The only built-in stats are these HTTPProviders (which are snapshots of current activity, no look back):

    1... but Wowza generates logs and you can implement (uncomment from /conf/ a stats appender just for Sawmill.

    2. You should be able to use struts or similar in a Wowza app module, httpprovider or serverlistener.

    3. There are several security approaches and parts:

    For non-Flash RTMP clients:

    There is even more on security and encryption:

    4. Yes. Take a look at the configuration and playback steps for each client type in the live stream tutorial that applies to your case:


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    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated

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