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Thread: Poster image with SMIL and jwplayer.rss

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    Question Poster image with SMIL and jwplayer.rss

    We are using JWPlayer and the newest version of Wowza server. We have successfully configured multi-bit-rate using an SMIL and the /jwplayer.rss method.

    wow, were we stumped for a while not knowing the instance name was required, in our case _definst_, but we eventually figured that out too.

    Our final hurdle is that we cannot get a preview image to display, and I think it's because of the jwplayer.rss media RSS that is being read into the player doesn't have the <media:thumbnail url="" /> node configured.

    Is there any way to configure the SMIL file so that this node is added to the xml <item> for each ABR stream?
    SMIL Code:
    <video src="mp4:WellnessMarch2012.mp4" system-bitrate="700000" width="640" />
    <video src="mp4:WellnessMarch2012.mp4" system-bitrate="1000000" width="720" />

    Renders this JWPlayerRSS:
    <rss version="2.0" xmlns:media="" xmlns:jwplayer="">
    <media:content url="mp4:corp/WellnessMarch2012.mp4" bitrate="700" width="640"/>
    <media:content url="mp4:corp/WellnessMarch2012.mp4" bitrate="1000" width="720"/>

    How do I get the SMIL to add the <media:thumbnail url=""> node? thanks

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    Sorry, to be clear, I meant how do we add the media:thumbnail child node to the media:group node

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    There is not a built-in way to get a thumb-name from Wowza like this. I think you can use http url to a image on a web site.

    To generate thumbnails, there is this

    And this for Transcoder:

    But getting images to a web server and referencing in the rss is up to you.


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    Thanks Richard. No worries, we went with a clientside mRSS instead of using the SMIL method. I was just hoping I could have included and <image src=""/> tag along with the <video> tags and had the /jwplayer.rss add the media:thumbnail. Perhaps a wishlist item.

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