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Thread: Publishing video without Adobe Flash/Air?

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    Default Publishing video without Adobe Flash/Air?


    Please help me understand what happens when I use Adobe Flash to record live video from a webcam and publish it to Wowza.

    My guess is that the webcam provides a byte stream in H264 format. The application then (somehow) figures out where each frame begins and ends, wrap it in the RTMP protocol, and send it to Wowza. Is that all that's to it?


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    The flash application does the encoding and publishes the stream over rtmp to Wowza.


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    Did I list all the necessary steps to replacing Flash for real-time video publishing? Meaning:

    1. Grabs video frames from camera
    2. Encode to H264
    3. Wrap in RTMP protocol
    4. Send to Wowza

    or are there extra steps?


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    Seems about right.

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