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Thread: multiple DVR applications

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    Default multiple DVR applications

    Hi there ... I've a Wowza server running on an Amazon instance, with monthly edition license (I just double check with support that my license has no limitations)
    I'm using API to start/stop DVR recordings.
    Right now, I have 2 live streams coming in, into 2 different applications, and both work fine as live streams and both DVR service work fine when they run individually
    Now, when I have DVR recording on Application1, as soon as I start DVR recording on Application2, DVR on Application1 stops recording, and viceversa ... it only lets me have one DVR application recording at same time

    Is there any limitation on how many DVR applications I can have running simultaneously?


    PS: The reason I have 2 DVR apps is to have well diferentiated where each one records the content for file system automated clean up, etc

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    I have been trying different options ... it seems that I can't run more than one DVR application at the time ... am I right on my asumption?
    How can I record DVR on different locations (for instance, local for one stream and on NAS for second stream) ... is that possible?

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    You will have to use two applications, each configured for nDVR but with different DVR StorageDirs


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    thanks, that worked!!!

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